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Every business is unique, which is why we customize our service plans to suit your needs and budget.

We deliver exceptional value by helping you to get more done, and by creating meaningful relationships of support and collaboration.

Our core value is simply — to make things better — and we do this by helping heart-centered businesses and non-profits who work for the greater good to succeed.

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Virtual Services & Special Projects


  • 325 / month


  • 650 / mo.


  • 1300 / mo.


  • 1950 / mo.


  • 2600 / month

Pay As You Go

$50/ MONTH
  • + 65 / HOUR


  • Professional & Friendly Service
  • Select Tasks From the Virtual Services List – or – don’t see what you need?  Schedule a Free Consultation Today!
  • Weekly Calls During First Month On-boarding Period
  • Weekly Status Updates
  • Weekly/Monthly Strategy *Calls
  • Precision Billing
  • Scale-up or Scale-down as Needs or Projects Change
  • Cancel Anytime
  • No Hidden Fees

*Business & Professional Packages

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 Copywriting for the Greater Good

Most new businesses begin with the aspiration to change the world! But, few go beyond merely selling their products or services, to more broadly serving the greater good.

Some move beyond helping clients and customers, to consciously building a business model that supports the broader ecosystems and communities in which they depend.

And some progress beyond reducing their environmental impact, to purposely working for environmental and social justice.

If you are a heart-centered enterprise working for the greater good, or if sustainability and nurturing a sustainable future is what drives you and your business, we share your values and we speak your language.

We can help you to communicate your message to:

+ Authentically connect with your audience, and to your prospects issues, emotions, needs and desires
+ Connect from a perspective of benefits and shared priorities
+ Deliver the information your prospects need to make a good decision
+ Develop the incentive for them to take action
+ And, give your prospects reason to return

We provide you with content, in your authentic voice, to promote your expertise, products or services, to tug your readers’ heart-strings, and convert fleeting interest into return visitors and sales.

Our copywriting services are included in a monthly virtual services retainer *package, or quoted as a special project. Click Let’s Get Started to schedule your complimentary consultation today!

*minimum package required.

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Text Message Marketing Gets Results

Flip Boxes to Learn How It Works:


Rapidly Build Your VIP Subscribers List. We'll show you how to promote your new 'VIP Mobile Club'


Your audience sees the promotion, and simply texts your unique keyword and replies “YES!” to Opt-In to your new VIP Mobile Club!


It's Easy! You send out your offers from your online dashboard. It takes 2 minutes!


Send texts to your VIP’s who opt-in from their mobile device. They can opt out any time, but only 5% will, because they don’t want to miss out!


Your audience sees your offer, promotion or announcement within 3 minutes!


Depending on your offer your VIPs respond! Track results and measure success within the easy to use mobile marketing dashboard!

How to Increase Your Results:

  1. SCHEDULE DEMO:  Discover & Choose Your Plan
  2. SET-UP: Sign, Set-up & Design
  3. TRAIN:  Training & Develop Your Launch Strategy
  4. LAUNCH:  Promote & Grow Massive List!
  5. SEND:  Engage & Text Messages to Your VIPs
  6. REDEMPTION:  Customers Redeem and Tell Their Friends!

We’re with you every step.  Text Message Mobile Marketing = Results!

*Source: Vibes Mobile Messaging 2016 Guide
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cell phone showing email and texts

Pull out your phone.  How many unread emails do you have?   Now, how many unread text messages do you have?


What’s The Fastest Way to Grow Sales & Engage?

Social Media: 10%
Email: 20%
SMS Text Messaging: 99%

*SMS text messages have a 99% open rate.   Text message marketing is easy, efficient, cost effective and it works!

*Source:  Forbes

Local SEO

Services for Small Business

Get your business in front of more customers with Local SEO.   With today’s business marketing efforts quickly becoming driven by social media activities, as a small business, its hard to keep up! And, depending on the target market, if you don’t know what you are doing, you could be concentrating your efforts and spending your marketing budget in the wrong areas.  You may waste time writing blogs and updating your website and not see the results you expected.

In the United States, 89.4 percent of businesses are made up of less than 20 employees.  And, a good majority of those serve customers in their local area.  Google knows that.  If you look up a locksmith, restaurant, auto repair, HVAC shop, or yoga studio, Google will display the websites that belong to those local businesses.

Local SEO is your opportunity to bypass the national brands, and reach a high volume of customers without having to spend a ton of money or effort to get in front of your local customers. If your business doesn’t appear in Local Search, those calls are going to your competitors.  You can’t afford not to be seen if your primary customer is in your local town, neighborhood, or region.

Optimizing your business for local search is different from traditional search engine optimization for organic ranking on the internet.  The key to ranking and being found in Local Search is in knowing the difference and applying appropriate techniques, such as:

  • Geo-targeted keywords
  • Producing content customized to your local audience
  • Local testimonials
  • Local directory listings
  • And, citations from local review sites, to name a few….

Local Search Engine Optimization can be complex, but, we can help you get results. We can help your products or services get found at precisely when it matters most – when your customer is looking for you!


Brand, Identity & Styling Packages

At Becca Reid, we create brands that power your business and provide a solid foundation in which to build upon.

Working together, we’ll develop visual, written and verbal guidelines to tell your story and resonate with your ideal client.

I D E N T I T Y  &  V O I C E  Package

We start with a questionnaire and an interview to listen to all that is unique to you.   The goal is to understand your current vision, mission, the passion behind your business, your key strengths, attributes, goals, benefits, and impacts (social, environmental, etc.) to help you develop a clear, concise brand voice and identity to support you going forward.

No worries if you’re unclear, this process will help you to focus in on who you are and what sets you apart, so we can get straight to work in our research.  We’ll then write it all down in the form of a Brand Guidebook to include the following information, to help you to articulate your message with authenticity and ease.


+ Mission/Impact Statement

+ Core Values

+ Core Strengths

+ Brand Characteristics

+ Brand Benefits

+ Biographies (incl. one team-member, addtl. $50 ea)


+ Communication Goals

+ Key Terminology

+ Keywords & Key Phrases

+ Word Springboard

+ Common Scenarios

B R A N D   S T Y L I N G  Package

We’ll start the brand styling process with a journey of discovery to create everything you need to visually communicate the unique identity of your business.


  • Branding Design Questionnaire
  • Collaborative Pinterest Board
  • Inspiration Board to showcase color palette, textures, patterns, and other visual inspiration
  • Logo design and submark design with up to 3 revisions
  • Final Branding Board including logo, submark, color palette, two typography fonts and style inspiration images
  • Business Card design formatted for print {$100 value included}
  • Delivery of final files in .jpg, .png, and .psd file formats

B R A N D   D U O+  Package

BEST VALUE.   The Brand Duo+ package combines the Identity & Voice and Brand Styling packages into one comprehensive Brand Guidebook to cover all the bases, and at a discount!   This package includes a Business Card design formatted for print, plus an additional touchpoint of your choice! {see list below}  Delivery of final files in various formats.

Tell the rest of your story with custom touchpoints.

Put the finishing touches on your new brand by adding any of the following pieces to your brand toolkit.

*Note:  Actual printing of stationery items on eco-friendly, tree-free papers is quoted separately.


Sustainable Website Design & Development Packages

Once we’ve finished creating your branding (or if you already have a solid brand foundation and need a ‘next gen’ sustainable website design) we’ll get straight to work on building a website you’ll love.    We balance the big picture with a meticulous attention to detail, providing you with a modern, sustainable website that converts.

When beginning the development of a new website design, we ensure a small carbon footprint from the very start. This is done by focusing on four key areas that are integral to sustainable website design:  1) findability, 2) user experience, 3) performance, and, of course, 4) green website hosting.





Your online presence and brand identity is critical to your success.  At Becca Reid, we create beautifully branded, sustainable and responsive websites on the WordPress framework.   All the websites we build are strategically designed to attract, engage and convert more leads for your organization, and they work on all devices!  Basically, we deliver you a web presence that you’ll be proud of and one that will generate results.  We look forward to working on your project!

WordPress Maintenance & Support Packages

Once we deliver your sustainable WordPress website, you’ll need to maintain it regularly to ensure it stays that way.

Although we build your new site on the industry’s best green website hosting — best in security, best in speed technology, and super-friendly technical support (and, being eco-friendly, they put 300% the power consumed back into the grid!) — there are regular, hands-on security and maintenance activities you need to do to keep your site up-to-date, backed up and scanned to stay protected against malware and attacks.

We know how busy you are.  So, we created cost-effective maintenance packages specially for clients of Becca Reid.

A hands-on monthly service providing WordPress maintenance activities so you can stay focused on growing your business and the greater good.  A maintenance package will keep your website running fast, up-to-date and secure.

A monthly service package will save you time and give you peace of mind, and includes:


  • You need help with your new site’s monthly maintenance and occasional support with changes or styling.


  • To you, strategy makes all the difference for a successful website, and you want to make sure your new site gets the love and care it needs to be successful.


  • BEST VALUE. You have big plans to use your new site as a lead generation engine, so you need regular support to help make the ongoing updates and changes to support your growth.


  • There is an additional $25/mo fee for membership or e-commerce sites
  • All website maintenance work is done between the 16th and 30th of the month
  • You’ll be invoiced monthly for your package, with payment due by the 15th
  • Retainer hours for maintenance packages don’t roll over into the next month
  • Additional support/work hours can be added whenever needed; larger projects may require additional scheduling.
  • Receive 2 months FREE when purchased as an annual plan.
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