Project Description

TRI-STATE FILTER COMPANY is a small business that has successfully provided quality service to the tri-states of Michigan, Ohio and Indiana since 2003.   Although an established, 15 year old business, the company didn’t have an online presence and is planning for growth.

Becca Reid is currently helping the owners in developing their brand and a strategy, both offline and online, to support the growth plans of the company.

What I love about working with this company, is their commitment to customers.  And, they have a strong commitment to the environment.  Tri State Filter Company offers a conscientious custom air filter program that reduces waste.

Partnering with Tri State Filter Company will help any company committed to sustainability in their supply chain, to be environmentally responsible as the air filtration media used for the custom air filter change program, is made using recycled plastic bottles and other regenerated materials (whew, that was a long sentence!).  Using recycled media reduces the consumption of raw materials in manufacturing.  Whereas, standard pleated air filters are made using virgin fibers that require a greater use of raw materials when manufactured.

What I also love about their product is the custom air filters use no cardboard in its frame or supports.  They don’t use tape, glue or other toxic fastener supplies that standard pleated air filters do.   They use steel frames that can be reused and repurposed.  Whereas, when pleated filters are changed out, the cardboard and fasteners are wasted.  All in all, the custom filter program at Tri State Filter Company eliminates waste and contributes to a sustainable future for people and our planet.

Their website is hosted on a green website hosting plan, and their new business cards are printed with soy ink and on recycled paper.   While they don’t boast about their commitment to the environment, they should.  Kudos to their commitment to offering an eco-friendly solution to commercial, industrial, municipal facilities managers, manufacturers, HVAC and mechanical contractors, and paint spray booth operations managers.   By partnering with Tri State, our collective impact in protecting the environment is significant!

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tri state filter company brand board