Project Description

Script & BLOCK, sister company to Becca Reid, is an online eco-boutique offering luxe, tree-free personalized papers and pre-designed plantable promotions.  Customers of Script & BLOCK care very much about the environment, while also valuing the tradition of the hand-written note – without compromising quality.   Made from sustainable, 100% cotton and recycled papers, they LOVE the beautiful, personalized letterpress papers (and the planet) as much as we do!

Becca Reid business clientele will especially enjoy the pre-designed plantable promotions to affordably share their message while also protecting the planet.   The seed papers are infused with wildflower, vegetable or herb seeds, and when planted add a little beauty to our world.

We’re very excited to be building out this social enterprise to mirror Becca Reid in making a difference with every order, by planting trees where reforestation is needed most and protecting our pollinators – yes!

Stay tuned and come back soon to learn more about this exciting project!