Project Description

I’ve just started working with an amazing woman named Amy Bovaird.  She’s an author, inspirational speaker and educator, with a very sunny disposition – she’s delightful!

A first task was to design a few social media images/memes for her Twitter account.   The featured designs here show a potential brand direction for her business, which we will further develop together.  She’s currently considering multiple color schemes and a creative direction for her new brand, that was recently designed especially for her.

Once the branding is done, we will develop a new WordPress website with ecommerce capabilities, and supporting strategies for growth of her book sales and speaking engagements.

Stay tuned….

Amy is an amazing person and a true inspiration for everyone. She’s overcome immense adversities, and leads a joy filled life.

The new website will be done within eight weeks of our project start (target end of Feb).  But, don’t wait for that.  To learn more about Amy, her story and her books, or to schedule a speaking engagement, visit her current website

Amy Bovaird - Humor

Amy Bovaird Quote I DID IT! READ BRAILLE

Amy Bovaird - Bravery

Amy Bovaird Adversity is Beautiful

Amy Bovaird Courageous and Grateful

Amy Bovaird - Faith