Brand, Identity & Styling Packages

At Becca Reid, we create brands that power your business and provide a solid foundation in which to build upon.

Working together, we’ll develop visual, written and verbal guidelines to tell your story and resonate with your ideal client.

I D E N T I T Y  &  V O I C E  Package

We start with a questionnaire and an interview to listen to all that is unique to you.   The goal is to understand your current vision, mission, the passion behind your business, your key strengths, attributes, goals, benefits, and impacts (social, environmental, etc.) to help you develop a clear, concise brand voice and identity to support you going forward.

No worries if you’re unclear, this process will help you to focus in on who you are and what sets you apart, so we can get straight to work in our research.  We’ll then write it all down in the form of a Brand Guidebook to include the following information, to help you to articulate your message with authenticity and ease.


+ Mission/Impact Statement

+ Core Values

+ Core Strengths

+ Brand Characteristics

+ Brand Benefits

+ Biographies (incl. one team-member, addtl. $50 ea)


+ Communication Goals

+ Key Terminology

+ Keywords & Key Phrases

+ Word Springboard

+ Common Scenarios

B R A N D   S T Y L I N G  Package

We’ll start the brand styling process with a journey of discovery to create everything you need to visually communicate the unique identity of your business.


  • Branding Design Questionnaire
  • Collaborative Pinterest Board
  • Inspiration Board to showcase color palette, textures, patterns, and other visual inspiration
  • Logo design and submark design with up to 3 revisions
  • Final Branding Board including logo, submark, color palette, two typography fonts and style inspiration images
  • Business Card design formatted for print {$100 value included}
  • Delivery of final files in .jpg, .png, and .psd file formats

B R A N D   D U O+  Package

BEST VALUE.   The Brand Duo+ package combines the Identity & Voice and Brand Styling packages into one comprehensive Brand Guidebook to cover all the bases, and at a discount!   This package includes a Business Card design formatted for print, plus an additional touchpoint of your choice! {see list below}  Delivery of final files in various formats.

Tell the rest of your story with custom touchpoints.

Put the finishing touches on your new brand by adding any of the following pieces to your brand toolkit.

*Note:  Actual printing of stationery items on eco-friendly, tree-free papers is quoted separately.

C O N T A C T 

Helping heart-centered changemakers to focus on the Greater Good.  Virtually.


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